▾ Important Points to Note Regarding the Tour
▾ Inquiries Regarding the Tour

Important Points to Note Regarding the Tour

Please be sure to read these.

Things to know at the time of admission into the venue

・Admission into the venue will be ordered by ticket number.
・Drinks must be bought separately at the venue.
・Please refrain from bringing recording equipment to the concert. Taking pictures and recording audio and video are prohibited within the venue. If you are discovered to be recording the concert in any way, you will be asked to leave immediately.
・During the concert, please note that your picture might be taken along with other members of the audience to show the mood and excitement at the venue.
・Emergency lights will be turned off during the concert. However, in the case of an emergency, the lights will immediately be turned on and staff on site will be able to guide everyone safely, so please be at ease.
・Please use the Premium Ticket glow stick and/or the Tokyo 2020 Concert glow stick only during the designated song. Please do not use them during the other songs.
・To avoid getting in the way of the performance, other than the Premium Ticket Exclusive "Original Randomly Colored Electric Glow Stick with Concert Logo" and the Tokyo 2020 Concert "Single-Use Glow Stick", please refrain from using chemical lights or other luminous objects during the concert.
・At the Tokyo 2020 Concert: If you are in a "Sitting Reserved Seat" please sit during the entire concert.

Regarding prohibited dangerous conduct

・A staff member on site may ask you to stop doing something dangerous or to leave, so please be mindful of the others at the venue. If directions are not followed, the organizers and managers of the event will not be held responsible under any circumstances.

Regarding large signs and posters

・Lifting a large sign or poster above your head to send a message to the performers on stage is prohibited. Although we are very happy with everyone's kind and passionate messages, please refrain from taking things too far. Please be mindful of the people around you.

Important points and prohibitions outside of the venue

・Please refrain from disturbing the residents of the area surrounding the venue.
・It is possible that illegal, unofficial goods infringing on the concert's organizers' rights will be sold outside the venue. Please do not buy these goods. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Regarding tickets

・We do not hold any responsibility for trouble regarding the reselling, transferring and trading of tickets.
・1 ticket is valid for only 1 person. Tickets are only valid at its designated venue and date.
・If the ticket stub is cut or ripped off before entering the venue, the ticket becomes invalid. Also, if the information on the ticket is intentionally falsified, the ticket becomes invalid.
・Tickets cannot be reissued under any circumstances, including if they are lost, damaged, stolen or otherwise unusable.
・Neither premium tickets nor regular tickets are given ticket number priority.
・There is no limit to the number of premium tickets available.
・At Namba HATCH it is possible to choose standing as your first preference and sitting as your second preference.

Regarding premium ticket benefits

・Excluding the "Original Specially Designed Ticket", all premium goods will be given to those with a premium ticket at the ticket gate on the day of the concert.

Age restrictions

・Children aged 3 years or older are able to enter the venue. Children aged 2 years or younger cannot enter the venue.
・Please be aware that a child's parent or parental guardian will be responsible for the safety of the child.

Regarding wheelchair accessibility

・To those planning to attend in a wheelchair, please contact the relevant venue's ticket gate in advance.

Regarding other questions

・If something above is unclear or you have another question, please visit the event venue's website and fill out their inquiry form.


Q. Are there lockers or a place where I can check-in my things?

■ Toyosu Pit

■ Namba HATCH
*Please contact the venue for details.

■ Nagoya Diamond Hall
*Please contact the venue for details.

Q. What kind of clothes should I wear?

Although there is no designated dress code, because it is a standing concert, it is recommended to leave the outer layers at a locker and wear light clothes inside the venue. While avoiding heels and boots, please wear sneakers or another kind of shoe without sharp edges. Thank you for you cooperation.

Q. What should I do about my baggage when entering the venue?

Because the venue will get crowded with such a large group, we would be happy if you left things that you will not use during the concert in a locker or somewhere safe.

Q. I'm worried about missing the last train, could you tell me the last train time?

We cannot tell you exactly, please plan being in the venue for roughly 2.5 to 3 hours starting from the beginning of the concert. After the end of the concert, it will be very crowded so please plan carefully.

Q. Can I return or exchange purchased goods?

We cannot accept returned goods or engage in any exchanges. However, if the goods were defective at the time they were sold, we will be able to exchange them.

Q. I would like to give a fan letter or a present to the performing musicians. What should I do?

Please give the fan letter or present to the staff at the venue. Please write who the gift is for clearly and in a place that is easy to find. Please consider food safety by avoiding handmade goods and choosing ready-made products. Also, please be aware that it may be difficult to receive extremely large or heavy gifts.

Q. Are wheelchairs available?

After receiving your ticket, please contact the relevant venue and ask about wheelchair accessibility. Please note that due to the nature of the concert it may be difficult to see the stage.

Q. After the concert is over, is it okay to share my excitement and happiness through social media?

We would be happy if you did not share anything about the setlist or other potential spoilers until after the final concert is over. Other than that, we would be thrilled to see your comments on social media! You can use the #ChronoCrossTour hashtag!

Inquiries Regarding the Tour

-Tokyo Concert- Toyosu PIT
Inquiries:Koen Jimukyoku +81-0570-550-890(Weekdays 13:00~17:00)

-Osaka Concert- Namba HATCH
Inquiries:Kyodo Information +81-0570-200-888(Everyday 10:00~18:00)

-Nagoya Concert- Nagoya Diamond Hall
Inquiries:Sunday Folk Promotion +81-052-320-9100(Everyday 10:00~18:00)

-Tokyo 2020 Concert- Nakano Sunplaza
Inquiries:SOGO TOKYO 03-3405-9999(Monday〜Saturday 12:00~13:00/16:00~19:00)

-Taipei Concert- ATT SHOW BOX
Inquiries:avex taiwan (